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Fuel Systems

Fuel Pumps

Standard Replacement in Tank Pump '85 - '90
for Turbo Body styles L, P&G 125 L/hr capacity                  $125.00

Turbo L Body (Omni and Charger) Pump Conversion Package                 $197.00

High Volume / High Pressure Pumps
Forward Motion has specially selected these pumps to handle any horsepower requirements. Packages come with all of the parts necessary for an easy installation.

Walbro 255LPH fits all turbo body styles
Pump only                 $105.00
With install kit            $145.00

Walbro 255 l/hr fits all Turbo body styles (external mounted)

Fuel Filter                    $19.95
*specify 2.2/2.5 model when ordering

Weldon Fuel Pump

60DA                        $385.00

Fuel Injectors

Forward Motion carries a complete collection of Mopar Performance injectors for all the 2.2/2.5L Turbo engines. The horsepower levels below are what we have seen to be safe power levels for the different size injectors. We have used dyno and in car testing to arrive at these figures. If you increase static fuel pressure with a fuel pressure regulator it will fine-tune your power levels between injector sizes.

Mopar Performance Injector 30 lbs/hr 185 H/P level         $139.00/set
Mopar Performance Injector 36 lbs/hr 224 H/P level         $139.00/set
Mopar Performance Injector 42 lbs/hr 260 H/P level         $159.00/set
48 LB/HR Injectors                                                        $232.00/set
Mopar Performance Injector 53 lbs/hr 327 H/P level         $156.00/set

Speed Pro Injector (for engine management system)
65-75-95 lb/hr                Call FM

Fuel Rails

The Enforcer II extruded aluminum rail is capable of 750 H/P available for Turbo 1 - piece and the 2 piece intake manifolds. Comes complete with fittings and gauge.

Enforcer II fuel rail         $300.00


FM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators

Forward Motion Designed

Turbo I                                $160.00
'87, '88 Turbo II, & T3           $145.00
'89 up T1, T2, T4 (VNT)         $105.00

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator               $157.95

Nitrous Systems

NOS Wet Nitrous System 35 - 75 HP
Kit includes lines, necessary hardware, solenoids, 10 lb. bottle    $585.95

ZEX Wet Nitrous System 55 - 75 HP
Kit includes management unit, 10lb bottle, lines and hardware    $605.00

Nitrous Express Nitrous System 35 - 75 HP
Base kit with 10lb bottle                                                      $580.00

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