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FM Enforcer Cylinder Head Assemblies
Each FM cylinder head combination in the series has been developed for a specific purpose. The extensive porting work, valves and camshaft selection has been carefully matched to achieve maximum horsepower gains. All cylinder heads are built on 782 swirl castings. We also offer CNC Ported custom assemblies to satisfy any requirement.

All Enforcer Remanufactured Cylinder Head Assemblies Receive the Following:
- Stainless Steel standard diameter valves
- FM valve springs and retainers
- Viton valve seals
- Resurfaced for proper gasket sealing
- Hardened valve locks
- Triple angle valve grinding
- Valve stem tip heights corrected
- Chamber corrected within .2cc's
- Exhaust manifold studs and nuts
- sintered iron cam followers
- Sealed Power lifters
- FM .475 Cam, or FM505 (Super 60 Replacement)

Remanufactured replacement cylinder head $695.00
With stock cam, lifters, followers                $995.00
With FM475 cam, lifters, followers            $1095.00

Enforcer STAGE I
Stock Replacement '84-'92 Turbo I 2.2L 2.5L
Carburated Up to 300 HP

- Added throttle response
- Exceptional mid range power gains
- Hand reworked from port to valve seat to promote low lift airflow
- Standard size stainless steel valves
     Remanufactured Head                            $995.00
     Remanufactured Head Assembly           $1395.00

Enforcer I cylinder head may be resurfaced in order to provide increased compression ratio for naturally aspirated use.
Add $30.00

CNC Ported Cylinder Head Assemblies
The Enforcer II & III are the highest flowing 8 valve head and only CNC ported head available

Enforcer STAGE II
'87-'89 TII 2.2L & '89-'92 2.5L Up to 400 H/P
- Increased mid range torque
- Extensive CNC port, bowl & chamber work for big airflow gains
- 1mm oversize stainless steel valves
- 56cc combustion chambers
- Highest gain in top end horsepower
     Cylinder Head              $1295.00
     Complete Assembly      $1695.00

Enforcer STAGE III
Ideal for 10 Second Combinations
'87-'89 TII 2.2L & '89-'92 2.5L, 500 H/P plus

- For serious racers only
- Increased mid range torque
- Max top end horsepower
- 56cc combustion chamber
- 44mm stainless steel intake valves
- 38mm stainless steel exhaust valves
- Interlocking valve seats
- Receiver groove for use on FM O-ringed block or 0-ringed head (optional)
Requires support from FAST Engine Management System and related hardware.
     Cylinder Head              $1895.00
     Complete Assembly      $2295.00

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