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Enforcer II & III Engine Assemblies
NEON 2.0/2.4L

Blocks are decked parallel to the mains. Fitted with either Eagle forged steel or Billet Aluminum rods, balanced crankshaft, new oil pump, new rod and main bearings, pick up tube, oil pan, front and rear crankshaft seals are installed.

Enforcer II with Eagle Rods
Enforcer III with Aluminum Rods

Moroso Oil Pan $200 option

Each one of our Engine Assemblies is built race ready to our exact specifications. Street, strip, Autocross or fun we have the right combination.

FM Custom Aluminum Rods

These Rods are custom built just for FM. 15% less reciprocating weight means more horse power to the ground. Engineered for durability.

Eagle Forged Steel Rods

Eagle Neon rods are Heat Treated & stress relieved 4340 steel machined to tight tolerances. Bronze bushings are installed for floating pins.

2.4 Rebuild Kit for turbo use

Kit includes JE pistons, Eagle rods, rod and main bearings, oil pump, timing belt, gasket sets.

2.0 Rebuild Kit for high compression or turbo use

Kit includes JE pistons (10.6 high compression or 8.1, 8.5 compression for turbo), rod and main bearings, oil pump, timing belt, and gasket sets.
                           DOHC $1,229.40
                           SOHC $1,174.35


Fully Ported Head

These heads have extensive port work and receive a High Performance valve job with stainless standard valves.
Single Overhead Cam

Double Overhead Cam

HD Valve Spring/Retainers SOHC or DOHC
                           $302.95 Option
Core charge

Crane 2.0L/2.4L DOHC/SOHC Valve

Springs: Set of 16
Crane Springs w/Retainers

Mopar Performance Head Bolts

                           $29.95 DOHC

                           $39.95 SOHC

ARP Hardware

Head Studs (2.0)                           $130.00
Head Studs (2.4)                           $139.95

Head Studs                                    $145.00

Main Studs (2.0 & 2.4)                    $193.95

Crane Camshafts

DOHC Cams:
#10 grind: extra mid range. Works great with stock engine. Adv. Duration 242/242 .354/.354 lift

#12 grind: Nitrous profile. Use low restriction intake and exhaust. Good power when not using nitrous as well as when using nitrous. Adv. Duration 246/246 .364/.364 lift

#14 Grind: Great for turbo cars. Strong mid to upper range when under boost. Faster response. Adv. Duration 246/238 .364/.345

#16 Grind: Highly modified street/strip cars. Really strong mid to upper range. Adv. Duration 250/250 .374/.374 lift

#18 Grind: Drag race only. Adv. Duration. 258/258 .394/.394 lift

SOHC Cams:
#10 Grind: Best all around street performance cam. Great for nitrous also. Adv. Duration 242/250 .335/.315 lift

#12 Grind: Increases turbo response. Adv. Duration 250/250 .355/.315 lift

#14 Grind: Highly modified street/drag race. Adv. Duration 262/262 .355/.345 lift


Custom Forward Motion JE Pistons
2.0L/2.4L High Compression 10.5, 11.5, 12.1, 12.5, 14.1
Available for use with steel or aluminum rods
*Available for standard, .020 and .040 bore sizes
                           $540.00 per set

Custom Forward Motion JE Pistons
2.0L/2.4L for turbo use. 8.1, 8.5 compression available
Available for use with steel or aluminum rods
*Available for standard, .020 and .040 bore sizes
                           $540.00 per set

File fit ring set
                           $79.95 per set

Eibach Lowering Springs

Eibach springs are a direct replacement for the factory springs & fit all first generation Neon models.
Pro Kit 95-99                $224.95
Pro Kit 00-05                $219.95

Energy Suspension Bushings

Front control arm bushing                $49.95
Rear control arm bushing                 $32.95
Front sway bar bushing                    $10.20
Rear sway bar bushing                     $10.20
Strut rod bushing                              $27.95
Complete bushing kit                      $139.95

Mopar Rear Tension Strut Kit
Reduces rear wheel hop under heavy braking



Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts

Mopar Performance Front Motor Mount

Mopar Performance Front Motor Mount

Mopar Performance Transaxle Bobble Strut

Heavy Duty Bobble Strut

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