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Forward Motion has a complete line of stainless steel valves for late model Chryslers. All of our valves are made to exacting specifications. The valves feature one piece construction and undercut valve stems for increased airflow. These valves are economical and safe for any engine combination.

1.594" Intake Valve for 2.2L Swirl Casting                         $15.00 ea.
1.396" Exhaust Valve for 2.2L Swirl Casting                       $15.00 ea.
+1mm oversize Intake Valve for 2.2-2.5L Swirl Casting      $18.00 ea.
44mm Intake Valve - Swirl Casting                                   $18.00 ea.
38.1mm Exhaust Valve - Swirl Casting                              $44.00 ea.
Back Cut Option Available                                                  $5.00 ea.

Fidanza Adjustable Cam Sprocket: Round or Square Tooth

These high quality aluminum cam sprockets were designed with FM input Available in silver, blue or red. A must have when upgrading the cam.                     $124.95

Rocker Arms

Sintered iron rocker package is the best available. Always use new rocker arms whenever replacing the camshaft.

2.2 - 2.5L Rocker Arms         $62.40


2.2 - 2.5L High Quality Sealed Power Lifters         $80.00/set


Forward Motion has run them all in an effort to find the best cam for the various combinations of engines. These are the best high performance cams available.

Naturally Aspirated Cam .430" lift 252/252 Advert Duration. Provides excellent mid and top end power for slightly modified engines. RPM operating range of idle to 5200.                                              $128.40

Naturally Aspirated Cam .460" Lift         $139.10

Naturally Aspirated Cams
.482" lift            rpm range    2000-5600
.486" lift            rpm range    2400-6000
.497" lift            rpm range    2600-6300
.497" lift            rpm range    3000-6600
.510" lift            rpm range    3600-7200
.514" lift            rpm range    4000-7600
.514" lift            rpm range    4600-8200

The FM 475 Cam has increased lift and duration. This cam is excellent for mildly modified turbo 1 or 2 engines with stock valve springs. Although not emission certified, it does show promise for exemption. Provides noticeable gains from 2600-5600 RPM.
With followers:              $312.40
Without followers:         $250.00

FM 505 High Performance Cam has the highest lift available. Maximum power gains from 3000-7000 RPM. Requires FM high capacity valve springs, retainers and hardened valve locks.
With followers:              $312.40
Without followers:         $250.00

Retainers and Springs Set

Forward Motion retainers are made of chrome moly steel. They are machined to provide an additional .030" of spring installed height for use with the performance style valve springs and use the OE dimension valve keeper. We recommend a hardened valve keeper for these retainers.

Chrome moly '81 - '94 Retainers & Matching Springs
2.2 - 2.5L 8 Valve Heads     $100.00/set

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