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FM Enforcer Exhaust Manifold

With this exhaust manifold we were able to push our Enforcer turbo equipped car from 347 whp @ 20 psi of boost on the stock exhaust manifold to 391 whp @ 20 psi of boost. At 22 psi of boost we were able to eclipse 400 whp. This manifold is needed to push your Enforcer turbo equipped car to the limits. $695.00
*$150.00 core fee

FM Enforcer CNC Cylinder Head

FM's CNC Ported Head gives you 15 - 60 HP depending on engine and turbo combination. Comes complete with valve seals, valves, crane springs and titanium retainers.
$1,895.00 with exchange
$2,195.00 without exchange

Crane Cams                                $474.00

Stage 1: #10 grind 242/242 adv. Duration, .354/.354 lift
Stage 2: #12 grind 246/246 adv. Duration, .364/.364 lift
Stage 3: #14 grind 246/238 adv. Duration, .364/.345 lift
Stage 4: #16 grind 250/250 adv. Duration, .374/.374 lift
Stage 5: #18 grind 258/258 adv. Duration, .394/.394 lift

Crane valve springs and titanium retainers

Crane valve springs
*Must do when upgrading cams        $99.95

Fidanza Adjustable Cam Gears

A must have when upgrading cams         $200.00
When purchased with cams                     $180.00

Engine Hardware

ARP Head Studs        $139.95

ARP Main Studs         $170.00

Connecting Rods

Eagle Forged Steel
*5.945 stock length connecting rods
                           $350.00/per set

Forward Motion/Oliver Billet Steel Rods
*6.160 length connecting rods
                           $900.00/per set

Forward Motion Billet Aluminum Rods
*6.160 length connecting rods
                           $520.00/per set

Forward Motion Titanium Rods
                           $1,900.00/per set

Bearings and Gasket Sets

Mopar rod bearings       $28.80/per set
Mopar main bearings     $49.35/per set

Gasket sets are original Mopar
Top End gasket set     $56.95
Lower gasket set        $34.95

SRT4 Timing Belt               $75.95
SRT4 Oil Pump                    $80.00
SRT4 Short Block         $1,399.99


FM Custom Spec Pistons

Stock Compression Height and Compression Ratio
JE forged piston for SRT4, GT Cruiser and converted 2.4 turbos. Available in standard, .020 and .040 bore sizes. Much stronger than the original cast piston. Will work with the original SRT4 connecting rods as well with the Eagle connecting rods.
Standard and .020 oversize with premium lightweight piston pins

.040 oversize with premium lightweight piston pins

Ring Set

Lightweight Dished and Higher Compression Ratio (8.5:1)
JE forged piston set for use with FM/Oliver billet steel, Billet aluminum or Titanium 6.160 rods. Available for 3.4605 or 3.4805 finished bore sizes. Each piston is approximately 50 grams lighter then the stock compression height JE forged piston.Piston set comes with premium lightweight piston pins. Same as used in the Enforcer 2 & 3 short blocks.        $540.00

Piston ring set for use with the above piston set        $79.95

SRT4 Stock Appearing Stage Buildups

Stage 1
Mopar Performance Stage 1
Forward Motion adjustable wastegate actuator
Magnecor 8.5mm wires
NGK V Power spark plugs
Motor Mount inserts (race style)
AEM Cold Air Intake
FM's Stage 6 Enforcer
Stock Appearing Buildup Car

1/4 Mile Time
With Stage 3 build up:
12.5 @ 112.00 mph on drag radials
1.86 60 ft time

With Stage 4 build up:
12.5 @ 115.6 mph in street trim, 1.95 60 ft. time

12.04 @ 118.3 mph on slicks
1.86 60 ft. time

Horsepower and Torque
With stage 3 build up:
303 wheel horsepower
380 ft. lbs of torque
@ 17 psi of boost

With stage 4 build up:
332 wheel horsepower
382 ft. lbs of torque
@ 17 psi of boost

347 wheel horsepower
390 ft. lbs of torque
@ 20 psi of boost

308 wheel horsepower @ 6,000 rpms

With stage 5 build up:
395 wheel horsepower
435 ft. lbs of torque
@ 20 psi of boost

415 wheel horsepower
465 ft. lbs of torque
@ 22 psi of boost on race gas

Over 400 ft. lbs of torque from 3500 - 5000 rpms.

Stage 2
3 Inch Cat Back Exhaust
Forward Motion Heavy Duty Drag Mounts
Forward Motion Front Mount Intercooler Kit
TurboXS or Tial blow off valve

Stage 3
3 Inch Downpipe
Crane #14 Cams
Fidanza Cam Gears
Forward Motion Return Fuel System and 255 LPH Fuel Pump (not needed if you have stage 2)
Remove Balance Shafts

Stage 4
Forward Motion Enforcer 1 Turbo

Stage 5
3 Inch O2 housing
FM Max Flow exhaust manifold
Enforcer 2 Turbo

Stage 6
Enforcer short block
Enforcer CNC cylinder head

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