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Turbos purchased from Forward Motion have only the highest quality Garrett parts available in them. This allows you, the customer, the ability to reach the highest performance level. If you want an imitator look elsewhere but if you want the real deal then contact us.

Enforcer SRT4 Turbos

Larger compressor wheel and mild turbine blade clip to improve flow. 30 wheel horsepower gain @ 17 psi of boost. At 20 psi of boost we gained 45 wheel horsepower. Big turbo performance, without the big price. One year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Enforcer 1 Turbo with Stock Bearings                         $649.00*

Enforcer 2 Turbo with 360 degree Monster
Thrust Bearing and Ported Compressor Cover             $975.00*

*$200 core charge

Enforcer 2.2L/2.5L Turbos

Enforcer I Turbocharger:
'84-'87 Turbo 1, '87-'89 Turbo 2 or 2.5L Turbo: This turbo is designed to work best with either an upgraded or stock computer. The compressor housing is machined to promote smooth transition for the air entering and exiting. The compressor wheel is designed with the latest innovative technology. Some features of the Enforcer 1 are:
- .48 A/R turbine housing
- Quick spooling
- Increased low and mid range power

We recommend that larger fuel injectors, free flowing exhaust larger throttle body and a more efficient air filter in order to realize the full benefit. Horsepower levels up to 300 can be realized.
With Exchange           $745.00
Outright                       $795.00

Enforcer II Turbocharger:
Designed for hi-performance, this turbo will move enough air to achieve horsepower levels up to 350+. The turbo housing promotes laminar airflow transition both from the compressor inlet hose and to the intercooler hose. Some of the features of the Enforcer II are:
- .48 or .63 A/R turbine housing
- Reduced back pressure w/larger stage 2 turbine wheel
- Increased top end power with 46 trim compressor wheel

42 Lb/hr or larger injectors, 3" exhaust, 52mm throttle body are a must to turn your combination into a 350 plus horsepower powerplant.
With Exchange           $795.00
Outright                       $845.00

Enforcer III Turbocharger:
This turbo is the highest flowing, stock fitted turbo available. Designed for Ultra high output race engines only! The blueprinted and balanced center section is the ultimate in turbo design. The features are:
- .48 AR or .63 AR Mopar or Standard T3 turbine housings available
- Power bands from 3500 to 7500 RPM
- 400 H/P Plus
- T04B Compressor cover with 3" inlet and 2 1/2" outlet
- 50, 57 and 60 trim compressor wheels available
With 45 Degree Elbow                                                             $875.00
Without 45 Degree Elbow                                                       $775.00
Wastegate Actuator and Custom Bracket                         $175.00

Stock Factory Replacement Turbos for 2.2/2.5L
'88 Turbo 1 2.2L Mitsubishi Turbo            $535.00
'89-'93 Turbo 2.5l Mitsubishi Turbo          $535.00
'87-'89 Turbo 2 Garrett Turbo                 $595.00
'84-'87 Turbo 1 Garrett Turbo                 $595.00
'89-'90 NEW VNT Garrett Turbo               $750.00
'91-'93 Turbo 3                                      $850.00

Core necessary at purchase prices listed. $250.00 core charge for VNT or Turbo III. $75 core for turbo 2. No core necessary for Enforcer 3 hybrid turbo.

Wastegate Actuator
Turbo II High Pressure, Adjustable Wastegate Actuator

GT Series
Custom Spec Turbos for SRT4, 2.0 Neon, 2.2 16 valve & 2.2/2.5 Eight Valve Cars

Garrett GT 2876R                     $1,189.99
*Internal Wastegate, Ball bearing, water cooled, 76mm compressor wheel, .70 A/R compressor cover 53.8mm turbine wheel, Turbine housing options available, Standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange. Horsepower: 280-480

Garrett GT 3071R                     $1,189.99
*Internal Wastegate, 71mm compressor wheel, .50 A/R compressor cover, 56.6mm turbine wheel, ball bearing, water cooled, compressor housing kit option available, standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange. Horsepower: 310-475

Garrett GT 3076R
Without turbine housing                 $1,019.99
With turbine housing                     $1,359.99
*Ball bearing, 76.2mm compressor wheel, .60 A/R compressor cover, 60mm turbine wheel, water cooled, external wastegate, standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange. Horsepower: 310-525

Garrett GT 3582R                     $1,359.99
*Ball bearing, 82mm compressor wheel, .70 A/R compressor cover, 68mm turbine wheel, external wastegate, water cooled, Standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange. Horsepower: 400-600

Garrett GT 3584R                     $1,559.99
*Ball bearing, 84mm compressor wheel, 68mm turbine wheel, water cooled, .70 A/R compressor cover, turbine housing options available, standard T3 rectangular turbine housing flange, external wastegate. Also known as a GT37R. Horsepower: up to 730

SC Series
Precision Turbos

SC6031 RE                                                                    $1,199.99
With Mopar Stage 3 Turbine Housing                    $1,325.00
*Ball bearing, oil and water cooled, internal or external wastegate. Horsepower: 590

SC3431RE                                                                     $1,199.99
*Ball bearing, T3 turbine housing flange, 3" inlet/ 2" outlet. Horsepower: 545

SC5027E                                                                          $921.99
*3" inlet / 2" outlet, journal bearing, T3 turbine housing flange. Horsepower: 450

Other spec turbos available. Email or call for details.



Tial 38mm with Mounting Flanges                        $259.99

Additonal Mounting Flange Gasket                          $5.00

Tial 40mm with Mounting Flanges                        $405.00

Tial 44mm with Mounting Flanges                        $395.00

Tial 46mm with Mounting Flanges                        $559.00
*for high boost applications

Additonal Wastegate Springs                                $26.00

Blow Off Valve

Tial 50mm with Mounting Flange                         $235.00
*9 psi spring

Optional 11 psi spring                                                       $35.00

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