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FM Enforcer Engine Assemblies

We have put together complete engine combinations for those enthusiasts who want to buy a known horsepower package. These packages were developed to provide reliable and consistent performance for many miles. It took years of R&D to come up with these high durability, and high horsepower combinations.

Each one of the Forward Motion Enforcer engine assemblies is race ready and blueprinted to our exact specification. Each component is triple checked to make sure there are no flaws and deburred to eliminate any high stress areas.

All Enforcer engine assemblies receive the following:

1. Blocks are cleaned, checked for cracks, deburred, and all threads re-tapped, decked paralleled and squared to crank centerline
2. New freeze plugs & oil galley plug installed
3. New intermediate shaft or cam bearings installed and fitted
4. Torque plate is installed, Bored and Honed to precise piston clearance and align honed
5. Crankshaft is magnafluxed, oil holes are chamfered
6. Rods are magnafluxed, deburred and center to center distance corrected
7. New high volume oil pump is installed
8. Long block assemblies come with cam of choice
9. Oil pan installed
10. New ARP heavy duty main studs and rod bolts are installed


Enforcer I

'84-'93 Turbo I 2.2L/ 2.5L - Up to 300 H/P

- FM Custom JE Forged Pistons
- Turbo II Rods
- File Fitted moly piston rings
- Turbo I Cast Crank
- Clevite 77 Bearings
- Mopar Performance Seals and Gaskets

Short Block          $2275.00


FM Stage I Head

Long Block (A)     $3410.00

Stock Head would be $3120.00

Note: Prices Do Not Include a Core Charge, $150.00 for '84-'88 Turbo I and $300.00 for Turbo II, Turbo 3, Turbo 4 (VNT) & 2.5 Turbo.


Enforcer II

'87-'89 Turbo II 2.2L & '89-'92 2.5L

- FM Custom JE Forged Pistons
- Clevite 77 Bearings
- Mopar Performance Seals and Gaskets
- File Fitted moly piston rings
- O-Ringed Block
- Turbo II /2.5L Turbo Rods
- Turbo II or 2/5L Turbo Cran

Short Block

87-88 2.2L              $2675.00

89 2.2L & 2.5L        $2675.00


Long Block with Stage I Head, up to 350 h/p w/ 11mm Headstuds

87-88 2.2L              $3810.00

89 2.2L & 2.5L        $3810.00

Long Block with Stage II Head, up to 400 h/p w/ 11mm Headstuds

87-88 2.2L              $4270.00

89 2.2L & 2.5L        $4270.00


Enforcer III

'89 Turbo II 2.2L &'89-'92 2.5L - 500 Plus H/P

- FM Stage III Complete Cylinder Head Assembly
- FM Custom JE Forged Pistons
- File Fitted moly piston rings
- Turbo 2.2L Forged Steel Crank or 2.5L Turbo Cast Crank
- Clevite 77 Bearings
- Common Block 2.2L/2.5L
- Copper Head Gasket
- O-Ring Block
- Billet Aluminum 6.00 for 2.5L, 6.180 or 6.340 for 2.2L
- Billet steel and titanium rods are 6.160

Short Block 2.2L with billet aluminum rods                                    $2975.00


Short Block 2.5L with billet aluminum or billet steel rods            $3175.00

Titanium Rods add                        $1100.00

Baffled Pan option add                     $250.00

Long Block with ARP Head Studs
2.2L                         $5270.00
2.5L                         $5470.00

Long Blocks come assembled valve cover to oil pan.
We recommend use of FM's Custom FAST Engine Management System in combination with this assembly.

We also do custom applications:

Enforcer 3 T2 1987-88 Short block with light crankshaft option.

Contact us about a custom buildup on a circle track or road racing engine.


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