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Suspension Parts

Eibach Coilovers
Adjustable lowering from .8" - 3". Optimal Dampening adjustment, stainless steel body.

Mopar Coilovers
Stage 2 Coilover Kit
Height Adjustable from 0-30mm Lower than factory and include fixed valve dampers.                            $1,560.00

Stage 3 Coilover Kit
Height adjustable from 20% under to 50% over Stage 2 settings.

Eibach Pro Kit Springs
Lowers car 1.6" in the front and 1.8" in the rear. Keeps ride quality.

Eibach Sway Bars
Front bar diameter is 24mm and rear bar diameter is 22mm.

Hotchkiss Sway Bars
Front bar diameter is 29mm and rear bar diameter is 24mm. These bars are hollow and include greaseable bushings.

DC Sports Strut Tower Bar

Suspension Bushings
Kit includes bushings for both front and rear.

Mopar Rear Tension Strut Kit
*Improves toe stability. Eliminates rear wheel hop under heavy braking.

Koni Adjustable Struts: Set of 4           $588.00

Tokico Adjustable Struts: Set of 4        $680.00


Power Slot Rotors
SRT-4 Front Slotted        $96.00 ea
          Rear Slotted        $78.00 ea

Power Slot Cryo Frozen Rotors
Street & Autocross
SRT-4 Front                 $124.00 ea
          Rear                 $108.00 ea

Hawk Street & Race Pads
SRT-4 Front                      $71.00

GranSport Pads
SRT-4 Rear                  $41.00 ea

Pro-Act Pads
SRT-4 Front                    $69.00

EBC Greenstuff 2000 Organic
SRT-4 F DP21357            $74.95
          R DP21066            $62.95

SRT-4        $208.00
Goodridge G-Stop High Performance are a PTFE inner hose covered by braided stainless steel. More responsive and firm brake pedal eliminating the "spongy" feel. Abrasion and corrosion resistant. DOT approved.

Exterior Styling

Mopar 3D Tail Lights

IPP Carbon Fiber Hood

Boost Gauges

Autometer 0 - 35 boost                          $60.00
Autometer 30 hg/30 psi vac/boost        $65.00
*All gauges are 2 1/16th and in silver.
Other gauges are available.

OEM Replacement Parts

SRT4 Clutch                          $364.65
SRT4 timing belt tensioner    $62.40
SRT4 flex plate                       $83.95

Stock Replacement Axles

Driver's Side                          $169.90
Passenger's Side                   $165.80

Nitrous Systems

NOS Wet Nitrous System 35 - 75 HP
Kit includes lines, necessary hardware, solenoids, 10 lb. bottle.

ZEX Wet Nitrous System 55 - 75 HP
Kit includes management unit, 10lb bottle, lines and hardware.

Wideband O2 Gauges

Allows you to monitor air/fuel mixture to prevent lean conditions.

Innovate Portable Wideband O2 Kit
Kit includes 5 wire O2 sensor, digital gauge box, PC connection cable, 12 volt power wire, sensor power wire, CD manual.

Innovate Standalone Gauge Kit
Kits includes 52mm gauge, 5 wire O2 sensor, sensor power wire.
AEM UEGO Wideband O2

Drag Radials and Slicks

BF Goodrich Drag Radials
Size: 225/50/15
Improved traction, better 60 ft, and 1/4 mile times. Perfect for stock, and modified stock turbo cars.
                           $127.00 ea

Size: 225/45/17
Perfect for highly modified stock turbo cars and big turbo cars.
                           $143.00 ea

Mickey Thompson Slicks

Size: 22/8/15
Perfect for stock or lightly modified cars
                           $189.95 ea

Size: 24.5/8/15
Perfect for highly modified stock turbo cars and cars with upgraded turbo's. 320+ whp only. Will hinder performance on cars under 320 whp.
                           $189.00 ea

Replacement Tires

                           $89.00 ea

Avon Tech M500
                           $97.00 ea

BFGoodrich G Force T/A KDW 2
                           $133.00 ea

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3
                           $156.00 ea

Michelin Pilot Sport
                           $195.00 ea

Bridgestone Potenza S-O2 A
                           $183.00 ea

Prices current as of 1/28/08, prices subject to change.
For larger and wider tires call or email for quote.

Drive Train Parts

FM Rebuilt Transmissions
Fully rebuilt with new seals, races , bearings, synchronizers and pads.

With Quaife LSD:
with exchange
$2,045.00 outright

Without Quaife LSD:
with exchange
$1,445.00 outright

Stage 1:       $549.99 with steel flywheel
Stage 3:       $699.95 with steel flywheel
Stage 4:       $679.99 with steel flywheel
Stage 3 & 4: $789.99 with aluminum flywheel
Mopar Performance Clutch
Good for stock or lightly modified cars.

Short Throw Shifters and Accessories

Mopar Performance Shifter

B&M Shifter
Booger Bushings
*Perfect for worn shifter bushings

Shifter Base Bushings
*Firms up shifter base

Enforcer SRT4 Turbo

Larger compressor wheel and mild turbine blade clip to improve flow. 30 wheel horsepower gain @ 17 psi of boost. At 20 psi of boost we gained 45 wheel horsepower. Big turbo performance, without the big price. One year warranty.
$649.00 Enforcer 1 turbo with stock bearings

$975.00 Enforcer 2 turbo with 360 degree monster thrust bearing and ported compressor cover

$200.00 core charge

Upgraded Stage 3 Turbo

This turbo has an upgraded custom compressor wheel for more power. 45 - 50 wheel horsepower gain.        $719.00 if turbo is in good working condition

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